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German- Canadian 1968

Karate in Deutschland


1968 organisierten McGee und Hans-D. Rauscher das 1. Deutsch-Kanadische Karate Turnier in Deutschland in Lahr/Baden. Kampfrichter waren Dan-Träger des Karate-Dojo der Universität Freiburg: von rechts erste Reihe sitzend: Dr. Hagedorn, Hans-D. Rauscher, der Oberstufensieger Reinhard Rieger und Kapmfrichter Eugen Müller.

Der folgende Artikel stammt aus: THE ARROWHEAD TRIBUNE Vol.2 No. 37, Friday, 20. September 1968

First German-Canadian Tournament at Lahr

by Sam McGee
Last Saturday the Canadian Karate-Do Club combined with their German Counterparts to hold the first Karate tournament in Lahr. The tournament was judged by a team of referees from the University of Freiburg Karate Club. The results of the tournament were as follows:

Best Beginner:

1st Mr Marcotte, 2nd Mr Lass
Best Mens Junior:
1st Mr Finney, 2nd Mr Wick, 3rd Mr Richter
Womens Division:

1st Mrs Ehret, 2nd Mrs McGee
Intermediate Mens:

1st Mr Sailer, 2nd Mr Ehret
Senior Mens:

1st Mr Rieger, 2nd Mr McGee

Four German karate experts from the University of Freiburg (Front row) judged a joint German and Canadian karate tournament held at the Canadian Caserne recently. The winner of the top prize was Reinhardt Reiger, 18, of the Lahr German Karate Club (Front row centre). There was awards made to ten other contestants (Rear row).

My Congratulations to all the medallion winners. If I had to present a medallion to any of the competitors, my choice would be Mr Mike Botting. Although Mike has only been practicing Karate for three weeks, he entered the Best Beginners class knowing that he stood very little chance of winning a medallion. As he said, "I'm only entering for the experience". Well done Mike. (Incidentally he didn't place last).

The Beginners Course started Monday night and I was very happy to see the turnout. If you are interested in joining us come on down and join the Beginners Class. By the time you read this column the Class will have had only three hours Karate experience and it's not too late to catch up.

Karate yellow belt holder Catherine McGee gives a knife hand block while performing the karate movement known as Heian Nidan which is the karate defence against multiple assailants. Catherine was one of the contestants who took part in a joint German and Canadian karate tournament at the Canadian Caserne last Saturday. The participants were judged on their ability to execute the various karate movements by four German karate experts, including two black belt holders, from the University of Freiburg. Catherine won a bronze medal as the second highest placed lady contestant.

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